Real-time Tracking of Actions of all your Technicians

The Control Panel displays in real-time the actions all technicians are carrying out with their mobile devices: when and where they begin to work (time and GPS position), when they pause, finish or postpone it to another day; each maintained or repaired equipment’s status, finished work or pending job up to that moment, deployed materials and resources, etc.

cegid Gestiona3w’s focus is not the supervision of technicians. cegid Gestiona3w seeks all the advantages of collecting work-related information in real time, such as providing a quick answer to changes of schedules or suddenly incoming notifications, offering an effective solution to needs for materials, etc.

Automatic Document Generation

cegid Gestiona3w automatically generates all work-related documents when a technician completes the job. At the same time a technician finishes the job and upon capturing the customer’s signature on their remote device, all work-related documents are made available to the office staff. The following are automatically generated custom documents: "work sheet", "legal certificate of the accomplished overhaul”, "detailed certificate with complete equipment description", "summary of irregularities" detected in the equipment which the technician has maintained/overhauled/repaired, etc.

Automatic generation of documents saves the company’s administrative staff significantly time. In addition, the invoicing and collection process is greatly accelerated.

Once again, the documents are generated automatically after capturing the customer’s signature without the need for the technician to go to the office to deliver any papers. In fact, technicians may still be at the customer’s facilities picking up their stuff, while the documentation is already available at the office.

Increase in the company’s productivity (20% for technical and 90% for administrative tasks)

cegid Gestiona3w enables you to significantly optimise the technical and administrative staff’s time, resulting in significant reduction of costs.

With cegid Gestiona3w, the technicians’ productivity can increase by more than 20%. The workday begins on the customer’s facilities, not in the office, avoiding "social gathering", since the technician has on their mobile phone all the programming and all the information necessary to carry out the job; they can manage the routes, problems in real time... And the end of the workday also occurs at the customer's facilities, from which they send all the updated information on the status of the job (without having to appear in person at the office).

With cegid Gestiona3w, you can increase the office staff’s productivity by nearly 90% due to three facts. Fact number one: the technical documentation (certificates, work sheet, detailed equipment report, etc.) is generated automatically; no more manual data recording, no more risk of errors, no more information loss and so on. Fact number two: obtaining and checking documentation related to equipment and overhauls is delegated to customers by giving them access to the customer area. And fact number three: notifications to technicians are assigned from within the control panel, avoiding time losses associated to tracking down technicians when they are already at work.

Restricted Access to Customer Area

If desired, cegid Gestiona3w enables your end customers to connect to their customer area 24-7-365.

Customers can check their technical documentation (work sheets, legal certificates, detailed certificates, reports on irregularities, etc.) and administrative documentation (invoices, cost estimates, etc.), check scheduled pending jobs, establish call outs, learn about the complete safety equipment infrastructure (if you have several centres), coordinate business operations (access standards, etc.) and so on.

Your customer’s perception will be that of a professional and a technological company oriented towards improving customer service, which translates into gaining customer loyalty.

In addition, the customer area saves you considerable administrative time, since you delegate the obtaining and checking of the required post-overhaul documentation to your customer. Neither the administrative nor the technical staff will become involved in these kinds of operations.

Continuous Evolution and Improvement

cegid Gestiona3w’s system is continually evolving and improving. With our company’s dynamic vision, and free of charge, we introduce new application updates to optimise your processes and workflows for improved everyday operations.

One of our main assets is our close relationship between the consulting staff visiting customers to listen to their issues and needs, and the developers staff trying to quickly address their needs and give them solutions. We are experts in combining the best of two different worlds: the business vision and the technical vision. And this close conjunction was what has allowed us to fuel the cegid Gestiona3w application and allow it to continuously grow.

And of course, our passionate technology and computer geek spirit moves us to adopt and integrate technological revolutions which we are so happy to experience (technology developments on device capacities and features, operating systems and programming languages and more)

Adapts to any equipment typology requiring maintenance

cegid Gestiona3w manages real-time jobs on any equipment typology requiring maintenance, installation or repair: fire extinguishers, fire hoses, fire detection systems, fire suppression systems, monoxide central stations, fire hydrants, dry columns, ventilators, pressure groups, intrusion detection alarm systems, CCTV, access controls, electrical panels, industrial power generators, low voltage, desalination plants, wastewater treatment plants, industrial machinery, bridge cranes, boilers, heat pumps, refrigeration & cooling systems, air conditioning, pest control systems, containers, lifts, goods lifts, vending machines, wind turbines, solar panels, energy accumulators, compressors, etc.

And since there are no predefined fixed equipment structures, they adapt to the measurement needs required by customers of any sector working on mobility.