All our offered services are intended to ensure a successful and easy implementation of cegid Gestiona3w customers.

Analysis of Processes and Workflows

The job begins by analysing the processes of our customers. It is essential to learn about the jobflows to implement cegid Gestiona3w towards improving the efficiency of the procedures and increasing the productivity of the people taking part in these processes. At the same time, we strive to eliminate bottlenecks and unnecessary overhead (data recording) as well as to reduce errors and data loss.

Who should participate in this work meeting? On our part, the expert consultant in the sector, and on the part of our customers, the Director-General, the head of Administration, the head of production and/or maintenance and in some cases, the Chief Financial Officer, the head of systems and field technicians. The Managing Director provides an overview of the company, its processes and objectives to be reached, which need to be accomplished efficiently with cegid Gestiona3w. The head of Administration provides the vision of how it is day-by-day with customers and suppliers, what the administrative processes of management are (mainly concerning billing and collections) and all processes associated with the creation of reports. The Production and/or Maintenance Director provides an overview of daily operations related to managing scheduled jobs and notifications. The Finance and IT Directors’ participation are required in cases where the cegid Gestiona3w application is integrated into the company's existing ERP as a production tool.

Integration with existing Customer ERPs

Once cegid Gestiona3w has been implemented as a production tool, we offer the option to integrate it with existing customer ERPs.

We have already developed a wide range of web services enabled for two-way communication between cegid Gestiona3w and ERPs. As a production tool, cegid Gestiona3w can submit work sheets to any marketed ERP. The ERP’s only requirement is to carry out calls to those web services to ensure bidirectional communication.

As of today, we have customers that use communications enabled with Sigrid, Telematel, Navision, Eurowin and other platforms.

Technical and Administrative Staff Training

During the implementation phase of cegid Gestiona3w, our consulting team will provide comprehensive training on the use of the application. The training is divided into a 5-hour session aimed at the users of the Control Panel (mainly office administrative staff) and a 4-hour session aimed at the users of the remote devices (mainly the team of field technicians).